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Appointments for everyone

Share your schedule and availability to everyone on the team. No more syncing devices or any of that. Accessed from anywhere, anytime!

Patient Information At A Glance
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • View and add patient notes.
  • Invite Patient via Guest Access.
  • Wrong Patient? Jump to another one using the scrollable sidebar.
Easy Dental Charting
  • Quickly set procedures to teeth
  • Draw the decay with precision using a mouse or pointer device (wacom tablet).
  • Set multiple treatment plans to track progress over time.
Have the Patient provide it for you...
  • Set his/her own Appointment
  • Fill out their patient info & medical history.
  • See notes you may want to provide to them
  • and much more!

Mobile Friendly (works great with iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices)


Simple Dental was designed with mobile devices in mind. Save precious chair time by taking down the patient information from a mobile device in the waiting room. Quickly chart using the touch interface. Work more comfortably.