But I already have dental software?

Great! We hope you're happy with it. It doesn't mean that you have to stop using your old software to use Simple Dental, either.

We will be the first to admit that if you're looking for some super-complex dental management software that will take weeks of training, large upfront costs, and no way out, you are probably better off skipping us all together.

Where we excel is in the dental tourism business. We understand foreign patients and we know how difficult it is to get everyone on the same page and comfortable. We take the guess work out of it by allowing you to set up patient portal access as soon as you enter their name into Simple Dental. Yep, that fast.

What if there is a feature I want that you don't support?

We are happy to look into it. Simple Dental stays lean by not saying yes to every request but also listening to what the needs of our customers are. If we don't support it, we can always customize something for your clinic if you really want it!

Why can't I install Simple Dental?

Simple Dental is web based. It's "in the cloud" so to speak. We took this route because we want to eliminate the "single point of failure" that so many clinics have been plagued with when their computers crash. If your computer died or was being repaired, you could still access everything from SD from any computer or mobile device, anywhere.

We've been up and running for just over a year and have had 99.9% uptime. We are happy to report that any downtime was quickly resolved and operations continued as normal.

How Simple?

Imagine this: A Patient contacts you via a service like whatclinic and wants to schedule an evaluation and checkup. At this very moment, you could punch their details into Simple Dental and hand them guest access inviting them to provide all the relevant information to get started.

Now, until they arrive, the basic information has been provided to you. In one location. No need to search your emails for the scanned x-rays, or the intraoral photos, it's all been provided. You can now get started with the next patient.

You mention foreign patient. What about local ones?

No problem whatsoever. Many participating clinics use SD for both local and foreign patients. You can easily print out any part of the patient record so the local patient can bring it to his/her insurance provider. And if you want, they can use the patient portal tools as well!

This all sounds great. Why is it free to me?

It's free to you because we are still getting everything set up. Any pricing you see discussed here we will stick to once we are ready to open up the billing. Any quotes you have been given will be honored.